The Wild Ones: Moonlight Brigade by C. Alexander London

The Wild Ones: Moonlight Brigade by C. Alexander London. September 20, 2016. Philomel, 229 p. ISBN: 9780399171000.  Int Lvl: 3-6; Rdg Lvl: 5.3; Lexile: 830L

The new animal-fantasy/adventure series for fans of Warriors, Spirit Animals, and Redwall!

Kit may have saved the Wild Ones from the Flealess, but he and his neighbors are not out of danger yet. Coyote has taken charge of the Thunder River Rompers, a notorious gang of nearsighted otters, and he has his sights set on Ankle Snap Alley. When, on the eve of the First Frost, Coyote and his henchmen steal all of the seeds and nuts that the Alley’s residents have stored up for winter, Kit knows that he can’t sit by and do nothing. As he tries to fulfill his school assignments and win himself a coveted invitation into the Moonlight Brigade, Kit knows he must outsmart the Coyote so that his fellow Wild Ones can survive the winter.

With so much depending on him, it’s time for Kit to pull off his greatest trick yet and save the community he now calls home. Howl to snap!

Part of series: The Wild Ones

Potentially Sensitive Areas: Violence; Criminal culture



Booklist (August 2016 (Online))
Grades 3-6. The follow-up to The Wild Ones (2015) sees life in Ankle Snap Alley returning to its own hardscrabble version of normal as Kit and Eeni begin school, and the community prepares for First Frost Festival. Calamity strikes when Coyote and his band of river otters attack the festival, stealing all the animals’ winter stores. Kit, hero of the last book, feels responsible for single-handedly saving his community. He slowly realizes the importance of friends and the meaning of the school’s motto, “All of One Paw.” The action flows quickly, with fewer moments of self-doubt than in book one, and fans of London’s animal world are certain to enjoy this return visit.

Kirkus Reviews (May 15, 2016)
An attack on the feral residents of Ankle Snap Alley prompts further heroism and cleverness from resourceful young raccoon Kit, first met in series opener The Wild Ones (2015).When a coyote grifter and his band of rough otters seize both hostages and the alley’s winter seed stores, it looks like curtains for the ragtag community. But, inspired by stories he hears of the legendary, protective Moonlight Brigade, Kit resolves to strike back with an elaborate con. Pulling it off, though, is going to require not only further tricking Flealess (i.e., house pet) arch rival Titus into a ritual Dog’s Duel, but–perhaps more difficult for the proudly self-reliant raccoon–coming to terms with the necessity of enlisting help. Characters and setting fleshed out in the 2015 opener are only sketched in here, as London crafts a plot in which events are treated as opportunities to explore themes of loyalty, friendship, understanding other (animal) cultures, and the power of collective action. So, once Kit comes truly to understand his new school’s motto, “All of One Paw,” the triumph to which he ultimately leads a motley array of allies (“I’m not a hero,” he tells them, “but we can be”) seems almost incidental to his personal progress.Although values clearly steer the plot of this sequel, they don’t drive it into the ground. (Fantasy. 11-13)

About the Author

C. Alexander London ( is the author of Proxy and Guardian, and the middle grade series The Accidental Adventures, Dog Tags, and Tides of War. A former journalist and children’s librarian, Alex is now a full time writer in Brooklyn.

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